The Internet of Tokens

DAO Creation Engine

DAO Network combines state of the art technologies such as AI and blockchain with market expertise.

DAO learns from other DAOs developing self sustaining value creation. DAO will oraclize human knowledge, combining Human and AI Talent.

DAO Wallet

DAO Network
Platform for token economy

Future of Blockchain

Open source encryption platforms are able to run blockchain nodes on virtually any computing device. The sovereign's ability to regulate DAOs' activities will continue to diminish. The anonymity and the decentralized nature of the DAO network will continue to rise.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Security from Blockchain

Atomic Swap Among Tokens

Automatic market maker mechanism

Unprecedented rapid transaction

Combined synergy of tokens

Customized smart contract in system

Anonymity, encryption of blockchain privacy


AI system that operates as an independent element, doing its Research & investment focused on the full spectrum of AI technology; Hardware and software based neural networks - Recurrent neural network, fuzzy Logic.

The organization is an independent entity, much like a private or public company, that operates independent of day to day human oversight. Performing its day to day operations via its pre programmed algorithms, that replace human interaction / administration within the company infrastructure, from board level to service delivery.

A fully autonomous organism, with fail safe redundancies that can request human input if and when the need arises.


Smarts Network

SMARTS represents Smart Multi Assets Re-engineered Token Stack. Cryptocurrency platform such as SMARTS will unite systems and bring synergy

Tokenized services layer for the "Internet of Tokens" Framework and underlying protocol for the next-iteration of the blockchain 3.0 and Token Ecosystem

Smart contracts customized with tailored rules yet are able to be processed uniformly within a standard wallet